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Advice for Women Traveling on Business Alone 

I was exhibiting my newest collections of Susan Silver Designer Jewelry at the Atlanta Jewelry Show this past weekend.  Thanks to all who visited my booth.  The new Carnivale collection was a huge success. I am writing this blog because one of the personal questions most often asked was “How do you travel all over the world alone?”  It is a compelling question and deserves a very serious answer. 

Many women expressed that their first thought is fear.  My advice is, concentrate and think about how to travel safely.  Make your plans in advance.  Know what you have to do to be safe.  Once you have thought about keeping yourself safe, your fear is eliminated from the equation. 

Never pick the cheapest hotel as they are sometimes in the riskiest areas.  I also stay away from hotels with a “cat walk.” I never accept a room on the first floor.  Keep a flashlight next to your bed.  Before I go to sleep, I check to be sure that the door is locked.  Sometimes I place a piece of luggage in front of the door.  If someone is going to try to break in, you will hear the luggage and call for help.  Also, don’t be afraid to leave a bathroom light on, so you can find your way in the night.  Always take a package of cookies or something for an evening snack.  Enjoy a bedtime cup of tea or coffee and relax.  You are doing fine! 

Set up your appointments before you leave your home.  My phone has a GPS and I never get lost for my appointment.  If you are going to a trade show, try to book a hotel that offers a free shuttle service.  I also pick a hotel that serves dinner.  A woman traveling on business is not unusual anymore, so make some new friends.      

My advice to you is don’t be afraid, be safe and enjoy your adventure!   

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